Health insurance offers by IGI

 Wellbeing Sure offers an oversaw care answer for corporate customers and associations to give medical care needs upheld by proficient staff, monetary strength and protection experience amassed over a time of fifty years.

Wellbeing Sure covers individual wellbeing covers, hospitalization covers and maternity covers. What's more, the item covers pre-and post-hospitalization costs also. The covers additionally have a credit office at IGI General Protection's board of emergency clinics across Pakistan, Wellbeing Cards; limits at drug stores and analytic research centers; 24-hour clinical hotline with staff specialists and so on

Inclusion stretched out to:

Working representatives and their reliant companions and youngsters

Age limits:

For workers and their life partners as long as 65 years old; unmarried/jobless girls; children as long as 25 years age if jobless; separated/isolated/bereaved little girls subject to the representatives with no age limit.

Wellbeing affirmation:

Each safeguarded representative should finish a wellbeing survey structure, for guaranteeing purposes.

Hospitalization Advantages

Long term Clinical COVER

This relate to hospitalization repression costs for non pregnancy related conditions as follows:

Medical clinic room charges for imprisonments comprehensive of patient's supper charges

Emergency clinic administrations and supplies including:

Doctor, specialist or anesthetist expenses;

Physician recommended drugs;

Endorsed Neurotic and Radiological examinations;

Blood bondings;

Activity theater charges;


Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy;

Analytic or helpful endoscopic methodology;

Post-hospitalization clinical consideration;

Some other therapeutically fundamental administrations.

Pre-hospitalization cover:

recommended indicative tests and medicines followed by a prompt and related hospitalization inside 30 days.

Post-hospitalization out-patient costs:

e xpenses in post hospitalization period (30 days) later release from the clinic

Expanded Clinical COVER (Discretionary)

Per individual yearly advantage up to the age of 59 years for therapy upon hospitalization when Long term Clinical Cover Cutoff is depleted.

Extra Advantages

Fear based oppressor cover:

hospitalization front of any blameless guaranteed individual (not partaking in fear based oppressor exercises) harmed in any demonstration of illegal intimidation.

Day medical procedure :

Relates to inclusion of particular methodology as follows:





Other day medical procedures

Specific Examinations:

covered from hospitalization:

CT Output;


Thallium Output

Angiography and so on

Worldwide cover:

Inclusion of crisis hospitalization during abroad travel of guaranteed people with repayment in Pak Rupee comparable to cost for comparative system in Pakistan.

Free cover for unplanned injury:

An utomatic upgrade of In Persistent Clinical Cutoff by 100 % for hospitalization because of an unplanned physical issue.

Discretionary Advantages:

MATERNITY Advantages

Maternity (hospitalization connecting with pregnancy) relates to:

Typical conveyance/Forceps;

Cesarean area;

Various birth;

Ectopic/extra-uterine pregnancy;

This involves the accompanying administrations and supplies:

Medical clinic room accuses of patient feast charges.

Various emergency clinic administrations and supplies.

Work room or activity theater charges.

Specialist's charges for conveyance and resulting visits during repression.

Nursery care for the child while the mother is restricted.

This discretionary cover for maternity benefits is accessible to wedded female workers and spouses of representatives.

Pre-natal (as long as 9 months before conveyance) and post natal (as long as about a month and a half later conveyance) costs for prescriptions, discussion and indicative tests connected with pregnancy

Birthing assistant costs for conveyance at home

Circumcision costs of recently conceived child kid.

OUT-PATIENT Advantages

This relates to sensible and standard charges for therapeutically important treatment, and administrations of an authorized doctor/specialist to the protected individual for everyday sicknesses or wounds and may incorporate the accompanying:

Meeting charges for allopathic, homeopathic or home grown medication treatment;

Endorsed medication, symptomatic lab tests, X Beams and other analytic tests

Dental consideration with the exception of supply of dental replacement, scaling, cleaning, covering, dental supports;

Physiotherapy/needle therapy, Osteopathy,

ECG, EMG and EEG assessments and other indicative tests;

Pre-natal medicines, test and supplies;

Cost of eye testing.

Esteem ADDED Highlights

Personal ID Wellbeing Cards:

W e are the primary organization in Pakistan to offer Personal ID Wellbeing Cards for benefiting cash free treatment at Organization Medical clinics.

No Pre-Approval required:

for speedy issue free administrations at network clinics.

Emergency clinic Organization:

125 + offices from one side of the country to the other.

Office of direct settlement of clinic bills according to privilege at network emergency clinics. The safeguarded individual need not pay any money against security store or repayment charges.

Crisis Hotline Numbers:

every minute of every day *365 accessible across the country.

Claims Settlement Time:

Quickest turnaround season of 10 working days.

Non-Unintentional Crises:

Particular perilous conditions are covered according to judicious normal individual definition.

Limitless ICU stay:

I CU cover is accessible with practically no cutoff on the quantity of days.

Inclusion for new conceived infants:

Safeguarded consequently from their date of birth, according to strategy terms.


first portion covered upon entering the world under maternity benefits.

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